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If you type karlstads universitet vanern, sweden into Google Maps, zoom out a little and print it (or look it up on any mobile device you might have), you'll probably find us on your own, but this page gives some detailed directions.

Note on currency

Recall that Sweden is not in the euro zone. The currency is kronor or "crowns" (convert). You can usually pay with a credit card, but I suggest withdrawing some crowns at the airport.

Getting to Karlstad

Fly into Stockholm and go to Karlstad by train. (In principle you could fly into Gothenburg or Oslo, but for most purposes it is a pain.) The Swedish train website is and most of it is available in English, but just ask us if you need help. From Stockholm, the "Snabbtåg" direct train goes to Karlstad a few times per day, takes about 2.5h, and costs about 800 SEK round trip.

Getting to our campus in Karlstad

Starting from the Karlstad train station, walk straight ahead two blocks, and right one block, to the main square, Stora Torget. Go the far right (northeast) corner of the square, buy a ticket at the machine, and take bus 1, direction Campus, and get off at Universitetet (not Campus, which is a later stop!). They leave every 20 min or so, and the travel time is around 10 min. Here is the Travel Planner.

Finding us on campus in Karlstad

Our building is Building 21, a red wood and glass structure visible from the bus stop. Enter, go up one staircase (you are now on floor 3) and straight ahead until you arrive at corridor "D" going in to the left. At this point you should see our floating egg. Follow the D corridor until it dead-ends into my office, 21F313.

Accommodation information

A standard hotel is Drott Hotel, directly across from the train station.


We recommend the local history museum Värmlands Museum. There are some good restaurants, for example Marcus Samuelsson's Kitchen and Table close to the train station. The Bishops Arms in the Elite hotel has pretty good pub food. There is also a good (but pricey) lunch buffet at the aforementioned museum. An interesting pub is Olssons Elektriska in a 1934 electronics shop.